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Can Decriminalizing Drugs Solve Canada's Opioid Crisis?

Can Decriminalizing Drugs Solve Canada’s Opioid Crisis?

During the National Day of Action on the Overdose Crisis in Canada, … Ending prohibition could help current opioid drug users on multiple levels, …
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Recurrent paraparesis and death of a patient with ‘whippet’ abuse – Hirvioja J, Joutsa J, Wahlsten P, Korpela J.

Nitrous oxide is increasingly used as a recreational drug that is easily and legally available worldwide. Occasional nitrous oxide use has been considered relatively safe without the development of addiction or major adverse effects. However, heavy long-term nitrous oxide abuse can be associated with severe neurological complications, and even deaths have been described. The characteristic presen
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Substance abuse and crime: considerations for a comprehensive forensic assessment – Esbec E, Echeburúa E.

There is a strong link between drug use and crime, but this relationship is complex. Drug use does not necessarily lead to an increase in crimes, such as theft, rape or assault, even among regular users or addicts. However, in cases of individuals who consume drugs excessively and commit crimes, both factors are linked. Poverty, personality disorders, social and cultural variables, relationships
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An Innovative Use of Case Conference to Teach Future Educators in Addiction Psychiatry.

Objective An innovative course was developed for fellows enrolled in the Yale School of Medicine Addiction Psychiatry program to educate them in key principles of adult learning, apply these principles in a case conference presentation, and to improve skills in providing and receiving feedback. Methods An initial training module on educational skills was followed by individual mentorship to prepa
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‘Snack Crack:’ Our Children’s Addiction to Sugar

we need to go further to reduce the sweet stuff students consume at school. (Source: U.S. News – Health)
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