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John Oliver: U.S. is Facing an 'Epidemic of Addiction' to Opioids

John Oliver: U.S. is Facing an ‘Epidemic of Addiction’ to Opioids

Opioid addiction is an epidemic sweeping America, and in a special …. The great green north’s streamlined pot prescription process is #weedgoals.
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Craving Mediates Stress in Predicting Lapse During Alcohol Dependence Treatment.

Stress, craving, and depressed mood have all been implicated in alcohol use treatment lapses. Few studies have examined all 3 factors. Progress has been limited because of difficulties with craving assessment. The Alcohol Craving Experience Questionnaire (ACE) is a new measure of alcohol craving. It is both psychometrically sound and conceptually rigorous. This prospective study examines a stress
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The Alcohol Sensitivity Questionnaire: Evidence for Construct Validity.

CONCLUSIONS: The ASQ compared favorably with the better-known SRE in predicting increased stimulation and reduced sedation following an acute alcohol challenge. The ASQ appears to be a valid self-report measure of alcohol sensitivity and therefore holds promise for identifying individuals at-risk for AUD and related problems.
PMID: 27012527 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher] (Source: Alcoholi
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Alcohol Hits You When It Is Hard: Intoxication, Task Difficulty, and Theta Brain Oscillations.

CONCLUSIONS: The spatiotemporal theta profile across the 2 tasks supports the concept of a rostrocaudal activity gradient in the medial prefrontal cortex that is modulated by task difficulty, with the dAC as the key node in the network subserving cognitive control. Conflict-related theta power was selectively reduced by alcohol only under the more difficult task which is indicative of the alcohol-
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Epidemiology, Evolution, and Long-Term Survival of Alcoholic Cirrhosis Patients Submitted to Liver Transplantation in Southeastern Spain.

CONCLUSIONS: AC without viral infections is the main indication for LT in southeastern Spain although its frequency has decreased in last decade. AC is a good indication for LT for its high survival rate and few posttransplant complications. Despite having a high percentage of pretransplant complications (ascites and encephalopathy) but does not appear to influence survivals being observed posttra
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