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'Rolling Nightmare' of Suicide Attempts Prompts First Nation Community to Declare State of …

‘Rolling Nightmare’ of Suicide Attempts Prompts First Nation Community to Declare State of …

A First Nation community of 2,000 in Canada has declared a state of … and are more often victims of violent crime, addiction and incarceration.
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mTORC1-Dependent Metabolic Reprogramming Underlies Escape from Glycolysis Addiction in Cancer Cells

Publication date: Available online 24 March 2016 Source:Cancer Cell Author(s): Raju V. Pusapati, Anneleen Daemen, Catherine Wilson, Wendy Sandoval, Min Gao, Benjamin Haley, Andreas R. Baudy, Georgia Hatzivassiliou, Marie Evangelista, Jeff Settleman Although glycolysis is substantially elevated in many tumors, therapeutic targeting of glycolysis in cancer patients has not yet been suc
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Combined pharmacotherapy and behavioural interventions for smoking cessation.

CONCLUSIONS: Interventions that combine pharmacotherapy and behavioural support increase smoking cessation success compared to a minimal intervention or usual care. Updating this review with an additional 12 studies (5,000 participants) did not materially change the effect estimate. Although trials differed in the details of their populations and interventions, we did not detect any factors that m
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Risky Rats Give Clues on Brain Circuitry Behind Taking a Chance

Need to connect your Home Delivery subscription to Link your subscription »…
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FDA Announces Safety Labeling Changes for Immediate-Release Opioid Medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced yesterday that it has issued class-wide safety labeling changes for immediate-release (IR) opioid pain medications in an ongoing effort to educate prescribers and patients about the potential risks associated with opioid use. Among the changes, the FDA is requiring a new boxed warning about the serious risks of misuse, abuse, addiction, overdose, an
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