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STARZ's 'American Gods' TV Series Will Be Filmed In Oklahoma Along With Bravo Series …

STARZ’s ‘American Gods’ TV Series Will Be Filmed In Oklahoma Along With Bravo Series …

It is now certain that Starz’s American Gods, adapted from Neil Gaiman’s fantasy … and is being produced by STARZ and FremantleMedia North America. … group of gods who symbolize wealth, technology, drug abuse and celebrity …
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Chuck Lorre’s First Vanity Card for Mom

I am pleased to report that after a couple of years, CBS’s sitcom “Mom” has become a bona fide hit show on TV, garnering good ratings and earning awards for the stars and makers. I wondered after the first few episodes if it would have legs and like AA, get people to “Keep coming back”. It did, and is now in its fourth season and holds the coveted comedy timeslot of
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The Smoking Gun… I mean Gas Mask Bong.

(CNN) — It’s turning out to be a very expensive bong hit — and a harsh reminder of the perils of social media — for Laremy Tunsil. It’s rumored Laremy quoted Spicoli when responding to a reporter’s inquiry about losing millions for a bong hit – “Knarly, don’t harsh my buzz dude”….
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Self-Help Sunday

I ran across a great post on Quartz that was reprinted from LinkedIn: Almost everyone who is unhappy with life is unhappy for the same reasons If you will read, you will immediately see how it can be helpful in recovery.  In brief, it’s all about setting expectations, thinking positive, and being realistic. So when you finally decide to get sober, it is very important to believe that you
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The Trouble with Marty

Impossible to find on purpose…  but it is in the public domain.  I am not even sure how I found it.  File this in historical PSA’s.  Heroin, Cocaine, and Marijuana are the demons that trouble Marty; give this film 3 minutes and you will be “hooked”. Drug Addiction by Encyclopaedia Britannica Films, Inc. Published 1951 Usage Public Domain Topics Substance abuse: Drug
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