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The Childhood of America's Power Elite and its War Addiction

The Childhood of America’s Power Elite and its War Addiction

Her warring addiction has been passed down from one generation to the next as her very few power elite have instigated war for self-serving purposes. … on North Korea; the deep state’s assassination of JFK because he was determined to dismantle the CIA and pacify America and the assassination of …
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Is legal cannabis the answer to America’s opioid crisis?

Addiction and misuse of powerful opioid drugs has reached epidemic proportions in North America. The crisis has been deemed a … One such possible substitute is cannabis, which is legal for medical purposes in 29 out of 50 US states and the District of Columbia, as of April 2017. As an alternative to …
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Health Canada backs new BC plan to provide clean drugs in bid to save people from fentanyl on …

Searching for answers, Tyndall submitted a proposal to Health Canada’s substance use and addictions program to remove the risk posed by fentanyl. He outlined how B.C. could give people access to a regulated supply of opioids distributed by the government and its partners in health care and social …
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Dual depression: a sex perspective – Farr é A, Tirado-Muñoz J, Torrens M.

Mood and substance use disorders (SUDs) are mental conditions that are highly prevalent in the general population. Cooccurrence of major depression and SUD, also known as dual depression, is very common in the field of substance addiction. Sex differences … (Source: SafetyLit)MedWorm Message: Have you tried our new medical search engine? More powerful than before. Log on with your social media a
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No good reason for the opioid epidemic: Clinical trial showed no “significant difference” in pain relief for treating arm or leg pain using opioids vs non-opioids

(Natural News) There is a lot of finger-pointing going on when it comes to the cause of the opioid epidemic. The pharmaceutical companies making these drugs often get the bulk of the blame, with the doctors who prescribe them following closely behind in the culpability leaderboard. To be fair, some opioid addictions start out fairly… (Source:
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