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Thump's Speaker Cabinet Build (pic-heavy)

Thump’s Speaker Cabinet Build (pic-heavy)

As y’all know, a project keep idle hands busy, and since I’m in the process of rebuilding an electric guitar rig after about five years of playing acoustic-only (outside of music-store visits). I’ve…
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Yep, confused again.

Gotta re read everything.

There’s No Such Thing as Free Will – The Atlantic (
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Interesting moments…

I was sitting outside a burger joint today at lunch and saw something that made me take action. A woman throwing up in the parking lot across the street and no one taking action. Took action.

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I think it has to go

My mustache, that is.

I’ve grown an impressive one. I have great facial hair. But, it’s all white now. I look younger without, so I’m going back to clean shaven. I might do mustache for…
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