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To Help Newborns Dependent On Opioids, Hospitals Rethink Mom's Role

To Help Newborns Dependent On Opioids, Hospitals Rethink Mom’s Role

Carolyn Rossi has been a registered nurse for 27 years, and she’s been fiercely protective of infants in her intensive care unit — babies born too soon, babies born with physical and cognitive abnormalities and, increasingly, babies born dependent on opioids. As clinical manager of the nurseries at the Hospital of Central Connecticut, Rossi works in the neonatal intensive care unit. Like many h
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An Effective Web Presence for Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities.

CONCLUSIONS: The low mean scores on these dimensions indicate that that substance abuse centers have significant room for improvement of their website’s. Efficiently spending marketing funds to increase the effectiveness of a treatment center’s website can be a low cost way for even small facilities to increase market competitiveness.
PMID: 27010991 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher] (Source:
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Separating the Association Between Inhibitory Control and Substance Use Prevalence Versus Quantity During Adolescence: A Hurdle Mixed-Effects Model Approach.

Inhibitory control is a critical component to the self-regulation of affect and behavior. Research consistently demonstrates negative associations between inhibitory control and several problem behaviors including substance misuse during early adolescence. However, analytic approaches previously used have often applied ordinary least squares (OLS) regression to non-normal count data with an exces
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Why painkiller addicts turn to heroin

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Problem gambling and the five‐factor model of personality: A large population‐based study.

A higher level of problem gambling severity appears to be associated with higher scores on neuroticism, and with lower scores on conscientiousness and agreeableness in the Mini-International Personality Item Pool. By continuing to browse this site you agree to us using cookies as described in About Cookies Previous article in issue: Buprenorphine + naloxone plus naltrexone for the treat
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