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Treatment Professionals' Basic Beliefs About Alcohol Use Disorders: The Impact of Different Cultural Contexts.

Treatment Professionals’ Basic Beliefs About Alcohol Use Disorders: The Impact of Different Cultural Contexts.

CONCLUSIONS: Cultural factors shape the ways in which alcohol use disorders are perceived more pervasively than the other background variables. The French professionals’ low trust in treatment and the Finnish professionals’ lack of concern for the addiction potential of alcohol and stronger tendency to regard the person as responsible for the problem could be seen as potential impediments to effec
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Factors Associated With Concurrent Tobacco Smoking and Heavy Alcohol Consumption Within a Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Australian Sample.

Tobacco use and heavy alcohol consumption occur more frequently in socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. Little is known about the sociodemographic and psychosocial factors associated with use of alcohol and tobacco in disadvantaged groups in comparison to low-risk users. This study aimed to compare the characteristics of low-risk users with: disadvantaged smokers only; disadvantaged heavy drin
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The Role of Counterfactual Thinking on Attitudes Toward ADHD Medication Use.

CONCLUSIONS: Based on limited prior research, it is suggested that upward counterfactuals may allow individuals to explain away the misuse of ADHD medication and avoid negative emotions such as guilt and shame related to current or prior ADHD medication misuse. In sum, additional research is needed to confirm preliminary findings that suggest counterfactual thinking could be a precursor to ADHD me
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Alcohol Drinking Among Kosovar Adolescents: An Examination of Gender-Specific Sociodemographic, Sport, and Familial Factors Associated With Harmful Drinking.

Conclusions/Importance: The prevalence of HD is high. Knowing the problems related to alcohol drinking in girls (violence, trafficking, etc.), public-health authorities should urgently develop a specific preventive programme (SPP) to combat the misuse of alcohol. In preparing SPP, special attention should be paid to the varying influences of the studied factors on HD in boys and girls.
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Substance Use Among Sexual Minority Collegiate Athletes: A National Study.

The empirical research examining substance use among sexual minority collegiate athletes is sparse. Problematically, this group may be at a greater risk of substance use due to their marginalized status within the context of sport. We examined different types of substance use during the past 30 days, and diagnosis of substance use disorders during the past 12 months, among sexual minority colle
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