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US Should Follow Canada's Lead on Heroin Treatment

US Should Follow Canada’s Lead on Heroin Treatment

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — The crisis that led officials in Ithaca, N.Y., to consider opening a supervised-injection center for heroin users, …
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Smoking control at the School of Public Health, Universidade de São Paulo

Conclusion: knowledge by health professionals of the harms caused by tobacco smoking contributed to their participation in anti-smoking programs, and led to a decline in the number of smokers at FSP-USP. The creation of 100% tobacco-free environments and programs to treat smokers who want to cease their addiction should be encouraged.RESUMO Introdução: as escolas de saúde pública, por sua pró
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Why painkiller addicts turn to heroin

The face of heroin abuse in America is changing. (Source: – Health)
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Immediate-Release Opioids Get Label Changes, Boxed Warning (FREE)

By Kristin J. Kelley Edited by David G. Fairchild, MD, MPH All immediate-release prescription opioids must now carry a boxed warning about the risks for abuse, addiction, and misuse associated with the painkillers, the FDA announced on Tuesday. The updates include the following: The FDA also added safety information to all prescription opioids, including those used to treat opioid addiction. The
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Serotonergic Modulation of the Activity of Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Systems: Therapeutic Implications

Publication date: Available online 22 March 2016 Source:Progress in Neurobiology Author(s): Philippe De Deurwaerdère, Giuseppe Di Giovanni Since their discovery in the mammalian brain, it has been apparent that serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) interactions play a key role in normal and abnormal behavior. Therefore, disclosure of this interaction could reveal important insights into the path
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