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'Why it matters' review: Inequality, opioids, North Korea

‘Why it matters’ review: Inequality, opioids, North Korea

More than 28,000 Americans died from overdosing on opioids in 2014, … and even taxpayers who feel the ripple of drug addiction in their daily lives. … Pariah state North Korea could soon be capable of targeting America with …
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Addiction Gaming

Name, Addiction Gaming. Shorthandle, AdiX. Registered since, 06/12/15. Subteam of, AdiX Gaming. Headquarters, United States …
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The Reasons for Heavy Drinking Questionnaire: Factor Structure and Validity in Alcohol-Dependent Adults Involved in Clinical Trials.

CONCLUSIONS: The RHDQ is a promising brief assessment of motivations for heavy alcohol use, particularly in the context of randomized clinical trials. Additional research should address factor structure stability in non-treatment-seeking individuals and the RHDQ’s utility in detecting and accounting for changes in drinking behavior, including in response to intervention.
PMID: 26997195 [PubMed
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Young Adults’ Exposure to Alcohol- and Marijuana-Related Content on Twitter.

Twitter is among the most popular social media platforms used by young adults, yet it has been underutilized in substance use research compared with older platforms (e.g., MySpace and Facebook). We took a first step toward studying the associations between exposure to pro-alcohol- and marijuana-related content among young adults via Twitter and current heavy episodic drinking and current marijuan
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Khat Dependence, Use Patterns, and Health Consequences in Australia: An Exploratory Study.

CONCLUSIONS: Screening positive on the SDS-khat is associated with increased recent khat use frequency and elevated physical and psychological health problems, providing preliminary evidence that probable khat use dependence may be associated with an increased risk of harm in Australia. Furthermore, these preliminary results support the potential utility of the SDS-khat to healthcare providers to
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