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'Amo': Looking at the drug war without partisan lens

‘Amo’: Looking at the drug war without partisan lens

On the other side of the partisan divide are the supporters of the President who, for their part, focus on the necessity of the drug war. … audience in Europe and in North America, including those whose only source of representation of the drug war come from biased sources, mainly from those critical of it, …
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Tired of the Smithsonian? These small, quirky DC museums are worth a visit

WASHINGTON – Washington is known for its museums. But venture beyond the Mall, which is home to four of the 20 most-visited museums in the world, and you’ll find plenty of smaller, quirkier institutions. Want to learn about great inventions, the history of horse racing in America or how drugs are …
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Rampant opioid injection: ‘A ticking time bomb’ that puts all Americans at risk for disease

Now, after years of quietly spreading across the nation, diseases like hepatitis and HIV are prompting action by a critical mass of top doctors, health officials and policymakers. Such infections were among the many issues tackled at the recent National Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit in Atlanta. Experts …
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How the Legal Marijuana Trade Is Working Out in the United States

For whatever reason, American politicians don’t like legalising cannabis. Some are morally opposed to it, suspecting its health effects, or declare it a “gateway drug” to other drugs (including the opioids driving the current epidemic). They would rather not even vote on it for fear of angering their voters, the …
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Increased Cases of Consumption of Restricted Drugs to Fuel Demand in Global Drugs of Abuse …

As indicated by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, about five percent of the global grown-up population were under the influence of certain kind of restricted medication at least once in year 2015. That rate heightens exponentially in case we consider it within the U.S., a nation that has been …
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