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Meili's attempt to do Saskatchewan politics differently may not last

Meili’s attempt to do Saskatchewan politics differently may not last

But questions remain: How long can we realistically expect this outbreak of better behaviour to last? Do we even want better behaviour? It seems undeniable that North America is going through a crisis of intense partisanship right now, centred on U.S. President Donald Trump’s divisiveness and driven …
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Opioid Maker Funds Efforts To Fight Addiction: Is It ‘Blood Money’ Or Charity?

When Sue Kruczek heard the Purdue-sponsored radio ad on her local station, warning of the dangers of opioid addiction, she was so appalled that she … to patient advocacy organizations and professional societies such as the Academy of Integrative Pain Management and the American Academy of …
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Students attend anti-drug forum near Washington, DC

Six members of the Darrington Youth Coalition attended the national leadership forum for the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America Institute in … It’s easier to help prevent someone from abusing prescription painkillers, heroin or other drugs than it is to help them recover from addiction, they said.
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Area counselor says March is dangerous for gambling addicts

Ron Felton says March is the biggest gambling month of the year. The American Gambling Association estimates that $10.4 billion was bet both legally and illegally on March Madness in 2017. In Nebraska alone, roughly 30,000-40,000 people are addicted to gambling, or about 1 percent to 3 percent of …
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Berkshire groups pursue gender equality in wake of International Women’s Day

This is especially true for women of color; transgender women of color, for example, are at greater risk for abuse, depression and suicide. Because Steele-Knudslien was the first transgender person to be murdered in the U.S. in 2018, trans rights activists have worried that 2018 will hold even more …
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