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Nicotine’s "Kryptonite" – A beautiful, velvety bean that grows in tropical climates

Nicotine’s “Kryptonite” – A beautiful, velvety bean that grows in tropical climates

(Natural News) You probably remember “Kryptonite” from the Superman movies. It was that greenish-hued crystal that drains Superman’s powers, while being harmless to humans. Now think of how powerful the nicotine addiction is, well that is, until it “meets” mucuna pruriens, an amazing bean that grows on planet Earth, that actually drains the power of the addiction, by raising.
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Risky cyber behaviors in adolescents with depression: A case control study – U çar HN, Çetin FH, Ersoy SA, Güler HA, Kılınç K, Türkoğlu S.

This study aimed to compare adolescents diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) and healthy adolescents with regard to cyberbullying, cyber victimization, internet addiction, and digital game addiction. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This… (Source: SafetyLit)
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America’s Other Epidemic

Features one of the leading voices on the opioid crisis in rural America, an Appalachian who created an addiction treatment program through a partnership of her hospital and local courthouse. The Courts Addiction& Drug Services (CADS) program utilizes a combination of medication-assisted treatment, group therapy, and social support services to help those with substance use disorders avoid jail and
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Toxicological analysis unveiling the low rate of self-reporting of addictive/recreative substances in acute severe drug overdose cases – Al Alaywa K, Romain J, Le Beller C, Rapalen JH, Lamhaut L, Le Louet AL, Baud F.

This study aimed at defining the value of TA regarding the toxicological … (Source: SafetyLit)
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Worried About Something? Here ’ s Why You Should Stop Talking About It

If you have a big worry on your mind, you probably feel compelled to do something to try to resolve it as soon as possible. In my experience specializing in treating anxiety disorders, there are three main things people tend to gravitate towards when they are worried about something: analyzing it in their own head, talking to someone else to get their opinion/reassurance, and researching it online
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