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'Taxing the rich and giving money to the poor will benefit everyone'

‘Taxing the rich and giving money to the poor will benefit everyone’

In it, they observed that countries with less income inequality had better health, better educational outcomes and less drug abuse and crime than more unequal … In North America, in the 1970s, a number of towns began to make payments to their citizens to bring their income up to an agreed basic level.
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Agricultural leaders search for solutions to rural opioid crisis, problem that come on ‘so fast’

Friday it hosted its first ever daylong symposium on rural opioid addiction at the Boone County Fairgrounds. … A December survey, sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation and the National Farmers Union, found that just under half of rural adults reported being affected by opioid abuse, …
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Panic Disorders Market to Record Sturdy Growth by 2025

Panic disorder is an intensive surge of fear and anxiety. It is recurrent, disabling and characterized by its unexpectedness and debilitating, immobilizing intensity. Symptoms include trembling, nausea, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, numbness, and others. Panic disorders may last for 5-10 minutes …
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Drug Testing: Technologies and Global Markets

Analysis of regulatory environments in North, South and Central America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, and country-wise summaries of national legislation and policies. Drug of abuse testing markets with respect to testing approaches and sample matrices. Technology trends in the drug of abuse testing …
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National employment numbers for December from Statistics Canada, at a glance

Beyak was removed from the Senate Aboriginal affairs committee by former party leader Rona Ambrose last spring after she said more good than bad happened at residential schools and that people were focusing too much on the abuse rather than the positive impact the schools had. And in September …
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