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What John Boehner's Pivot On Cannabis Tells Us About The Legal Weed Boom

What John Boehner’s Pivot On Cannabis Tells Us About The Legal Weed Boom

“I’m convinced de-scheduling the drug is needed so we can do research, help our veterans, and reverse the opioid epidemic ravaging our communities.” That John Boehner, of all people, is now a proponent of cannabis perfectly illustrates the ironies of the way Americans think about weed as the …
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Best Pittsburgh concerts this week: Julien Baker, Wale, X Ambassadors, Metalachi and more

Todrick Hall, an “American Idol” semi-finalist back in 2010 who went on to star on Broadway in “Kinky Boots” and “Chicago,” starts the week off with a show at the Rex Theater, South ….. Stereogum wrote that “Sprained Ankle” “discusses depression, substance abuse, and general crises of faith in detail.
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Athletes are leading cannabis into the mainstream

The NFL instituted rigorous drug testing in the 1980s, coinciding nicely with Nancy Reagan taking up Nixon’s torch and telling America to “Just Say No.” When Williams was drafted in 1999, America was still largely afraid of pot. In 2000, a Pew Research poll found roughly three in 10 Americans …
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Jesse Morton

He was included in Foreign Policy Magazine’s 2017 ‘Global Thinkers’ listing and is a certified substance abuse and mental health counselor in New … violent extremism and is the research coordinator of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue’s Against Violent Extremism (AVE) Network in North America.
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Dear Liberal Party: To Help End Overdose Death Crisis, Decriminalize Now

As the world watches dated and harmful North American drug policies translate into the toxic drug market that experts predicted, we look to the sensible approaches of Portugal, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Norway and others as examples that demonstrate a truly effective approach to health.
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