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Trust in digital technology will be the internet's next frontier, for 2018 and beyond

Trust in digital technology will be the internet’s next frontier, for 2018 and beyond

In the mature digital markets of Western Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea, however, people have been using the internet, mobile phones, social media and smartphone apps for many years. Users in those locations are less trusting, prone to switching away from sites that don’t load rapidly …
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There Is No Magic Formula When Quitting an Addiction

The most prominent model of addiction in North America frames it as a disease – a brain disease. But I never saw addiction as a disease. Not now, after studying it for eight years as a scientist, and not 40 years ago when I was living it. Back then, I could easily see how destructive addiction was. I knew …
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CRISIS, six letters with a chilling significance

After the merger with Brown & Williamson (B & W), Jeffrey Wigand, vice president of research, said in a news program that chemicals had been introduced in cigarettes to increase nicotine and increase addiction. This produced a crisis and the brand lost part of the North American market. Today, they …
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Iran, Nuclear Button, Steve Bannon: Your Thursday Briefing

Genetic analysis of the 11,500-year-old skeleton discovered in Alaska strongly suggests that North America was settled by a previously unknown people who originated in Siberia. … Our Addiction Inc. series examining the U.S. treatment industry includes a look at the lucrative business of urine testing.
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HSABC partners with BC Centre of Substance Use to support research in addiction care

The BCCSU Addiction Social Work Fellowship was established in 2016, and is the first Addiction Social Work Fellowship in North America. Previously the St. Paul’s GoldCorp Addiction Medicine Program, founded in 2013 by Dr. Evan Wood, the fellowship program currently includes 9 positions in …
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