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US|Inside a Killer Drug Epidemic: A Look at America's Opioid Crisis

US|Inside a Killer Drug Epidemic: A Look at America’s Opioid Crisis

Opioid addiction is America’s 50-state epidemic. … Harvey curled up on the couch in her mother’s living room in this well-to-do suburb north of Boston …
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Problem gambling and the five‐factor model of personality: A large population‐based study.

A higher level of problem gambling severity appears to be associated with higher scores on neuroticism, and with lower scores on conscientiousness and agreeableness in the Mini-International Personality Item Pool. By continuing to browse this site you agree to us using cookies as described in About Cookies Previous article in issue: Buprenorphine + naloxone plus naltrexone for the treat
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Serotonergic Modulation of the Activity of Mesencephalic Dopaminergic Systems: Therapeutic Implications

Publication date: Available online 22 March 2016 Source:Progress in Neurobiology Author(s): Philippe De Deurwaerdère, Giuseppe Di Giovanni Since their discovery in the mammalian brain, it has been apparent that serotonin (5-HT) and dopamine (DA) interactions play a key role in normal and abnormal behavior. Therefore, disclosure of this interaction could reveal important insights into the path
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How Pokemon May Be an Example of a Technologica…

The ‘crunch’ has replaced the ‘situp’ for most purposes because of concerns about lower back injury and that situps may be less effective than crunches for abdominal strengthening, although this is not accepted by every authority. With the crunch, the lower back stays on the ground and you raise the shoulders while contracting the abdominals muscles. Crunches take many forms inclu
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Does gender moderate the relationship between polydrug use and sexual risk‐taking among Australian secondary school students under 16 years of age?

ConclusionsFor girls, polydrug use was significantly associated with unprotected sex after adjusting for a range of risk factors, and this relationship was non‐significant for boys. Future prevention programs for adolescent risky sexual behaviour and polydrug use might benefit from a tailored approach to gender differences.[Chan G, Kelly A, Hides L, Quinn C, Williams J. Does gender moderate the
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